Aksense diagnoses healthcare-associated infections in minutes, enabling accurate diagnosis and treatment, saving time, money and lives

What we do

The secret to infection control is catching it quickly.
But current diagnostic systems are too slow, expensive, and cost lives. 

Aksense is the solution. It can be used by anyone to diagnose infections in minutes, resulting in patients being treated quicker and the spread of infection being reduced, ultimately saving lives.


The current diagnostic method is slow, inaccurate, expensive, and costs lives

Patients are waiting up to 3 days for results

Infections are only be diagnosed in laboratories with current technologies and takes from 1 to 3 days. This is a heavy workload for the doctors which can cause human error and increases the risk of mortality for patients.

Diagnostic methods are complex and expensive

The current diagnostic methods require a specific sample of the infection from the patient. The sample must be in an acceptable size. There are multiple steps in preparing the sample, which require skilled technicians and expensive laboratory equipment.

Diagnoses are not always accurate

The detection of the pathogens in the patient sample can give false negatives under antibiotic treatment. False positives can make it very difficult to distinguish colonisation from a real infection.

Lengthy diagnosis increase the healthcare cost

The diagnosis of infection within days results in blocking hospital beds and using unnecessary and exponential antibiotics. Current diagnostic systems increase healthcare and economic cost with longer hospitalisation and inefficient treatment.

Global facts about healthcare-associated infections

extra-days of hospital stay

caused by healthcare-associated infections